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QuickColor Lite (SP) 1.1

Change your Smartphone's system colors

Software Information of QuickColor Lite (SP) 1.1

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Windows Mobile


Size: 9KB

Developer: Smartmadsoft

Category: Customize Your Mobile

License: Free

Downloads: 807

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Publisher's Description of QuickColor Lite (SP) 1.1

I'm forever watching those design programs on the TV to find out what colour clothes I should be wearing or the shade of paint I should use that would work best from a Feng Shui point-of-view in my living room.

I often wondered if I could transfer my knowledge of colour schemes and apply it to my phone.

The good news is that, yes, this is possible.

And it's all thanks to QuickColor, a Windows Mobile application that allows you to change all the different colours of your mobile environment in just a few seconds.

You might not think about it, but the colour scheme of your phone encompasses many different elements, and most of them are addressed by this program.

QuickColor includes all the functions and options needed to change the colour of menus and the toolbars, activate/deactivate gradient effects, control colour focus, among other possibilities.

It's amazing how quickly you can change the entire ambience of your mobile using this software. You simply choose whether you want to edit the Home Screen or Color Scheme then check the areas you want to change such as Text or System.

Choose a colour and you're away.

It would've been nice to see some advice on colour matching from QuickColor, but nevertheless it's a very good tool for quickly altering the look of your mobile.

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