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QuickPic 2.3.3

The best photo gallery and picture browser&viewer in Android, more quick and clear than the lazy stock Gallery, just as millions of users said

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Size: 384KB

Category: Photography

License: Free

Downloads: 2398

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Publisher's Description of QuickPic 2.3.3

The best photo gallery and picture browser&viewer in Android, more quick and clear than the lazy stock Gallery, just as millions of users said!

Chinese Users: 由于Play商店的原因未能显示中文简介,快图浏览支持简繁体中文!

1. View and slide show with best quality, more clear then other apps.

2. Speed browsing tons of pictures, quick find all your pictures, without background service.

3. Include or exclude the specified folders to make more efficient scanning.

4. Easy hide your photos and videos from the gallery apps, protect them with a password.

5. Play animated-GIFs and standard videos.

6. iPhone's smooth experience: sliding shift or switch, single or double tap or pinch to zoom.

7. Rotate, shrink, crop pictures, set wallpaper with best quality.

8. More file management features: sort, rename, create new folder, move and copy pictures.

9. Optimized for HD tablets

10. It is free and no ads!

 There are hundreds of phones/tablets running Android, I am always doing my best to make my app working fine on every device. So, if you find any issue, before you post useless comments or rating, please try to send email to me, I will help you to fix it.


Please BACKUP YOUR IMPORTANT PHOTOS before your do file operations!

Long press a thumbnail to move/copy to another or new folder. Enter multi-select mode to find the batch operations.

Include the picture folders only in the settings to speed up the scanning.

Can't sync Picasa or Facebook or other web albums.

Can't show 3D photos yet.

Can't show TIFF.

Can't set lock screen's wallpaper.

Reinstall the app to clear your password.

Video is no my target, if you think video playing is not good enough, please go to the market and find a good one...

HTC users:

Open a photo from SMS will fail because HTC want a picture viewer to have "SMS reading permission", it means if I add this permission, my app can read all your messages! Please report this issue to HTC!

Recent changes:


1. Fix: "No pictures" in SD card for some phones


1. Fix: rotate screen by sensor for Samsung ICS devices

2. Fix: mount duplicated SD cards in ICS

3. Workaround: loading large CWM 6 blobs folder


1. Fix: crash when load some photos in 4.1(Jelly Bean)

2. Fix: crash when parse EXIF of some photos

3. Fix: some other crash bugs


1. ICS style title bar for multiple select mode

2. Fix: error parse EXIF of some photos

Content rating: Everyone

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