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Real Soccer 2012 1.1.3

Take on the world in this smart soccer sim

Software Information of Real Soccer 2012 1.1.3

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Developer: Gameloft

Category: Mobile Games

License: Full Version

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Publisher's Description of Real Soccer 2012 1.1.3

Real Soccer 2012 (known as Real Football 2012 outside the US) is an in-depth soccer sim for Java phones, where you can compete in a range of different leagues and tournaments around the world.

Real Soccer 2012 has a wide variety of game modes and is able to rival the likes of FIFA 12 and PES 2012 in this respect. Whether you want to play an exhibition match, multiplayer, tournament, or simply train yourself, Real Soccer 2012 has it all.

Real Soccer 2012 game modes:

- Friendly - exhibition match vs the CPU

- 2012 Euro Cup - international tournament including qualification rounds

- RF League - club league season where you compete against others online based on who gets most points

- Enter The Legend - play as one player on the pitch in a league season

- Club Master - manage a club team over the course of a season

- Cup - custom cup competition (international or club)

- League - custom league competition

- Multiplayer - play a match against someone else over Bluetooth

- Training - tutorial or free training

- Penalty kicks - penalty competition

Which teams are included in Real Soccer 2012?

There are more than 240 different teams in Real Soccer 2012. This includes all the club teams from the top leagues of Spain, England, Italy, France, Germany, Portugal, Argentina and Brazil, plus the most famous teams from other leagues around the world. There are also lots of international teams included in Real Real Soccer 2012.

Sadly, not all of the teams and players in the game are officially licensed. This means that you won't recognize a lot of the players on the teamsheets because the names have been made up. Real Soccer 2012 does include an editing feature, though, so if you have the patience and time you can edit the names and team rosters to reflect real life.

Control issues

The control system in Real Soccer 2012 is fairly simple, though it's worth playing the tutorial in training mode as the controls aren't obvious from the start. You use the keypad or direction buttons to move around, then there are separate action buttons for passing, shooting and tackling.

The problem with controlling Real Soccer 2012 doesn't really come from the layout of the controls themselves but rather from the hardware. If your phone has a small keypad, it can be very fiddly and you'll find yourself accidentally bashing the wrong buttons during frenzied gameplay.


As Java soccer games go, Real Soccer 2012 looks very smart. Player sprites are clear and move in a logical way, and the inclusion of instant replays and commentary help to give matches a televisual feel. The game menus are easy to navigate and each game mode is well explained.

Real Soccer 2012 is a top class mobile soccer game that will keep fans of the sport entertained for hours.

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