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Run.GPS Trainer UV Pro (Smartphone) 2.3.8

Monitor your sporting activity

Software Information of Run.GPS Trainer UV Pro (Smartphone) 2.3.8

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Windows Mobile


Size: 8MB

Developer: eSymetric

Category: Home & Lifestyle

License: Trial version

Downloads: 614

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Publisher's Description of Run.GPS Trainer UV Pro (Smartphone) 2.3.8

If you're looking for a better way of organizing and monitoring your training regime then it's well worth taking a look at Run.gps Trainer UV.

Run.GPS Trainer UV is a high tech sports application for Windows Mobile that utilizes your GPS connection to record lots of information about the activities you are doing. The large, colorful display in Run.GPS Trainer UV displays data such as current speed, average speed, distance traveled, time elapsed, altitude, and calories. Not only this, but a computerized voice can also shout this information to you so you don't have to keep looking at the screen during your workout.

Run.GPS Trainer UV is designed for a range of sports, from hiking to skiing, and its calculations vary according to what you're doing. You can even add new sports to the list via the 'Select Sport' menu.

The range of options and features in Run.GPS Trainer UV is immense, to the point where it can be a little daunting to start with. Among its features are a heart rate monitor, route planner, and split function. The Training Log & Plan section of the program is incredible. Here, Run.GPS Trainer UV automatically records all of your data, noting the date and time of everything you do and putting it into a calendar. You can even sync your planner with your Outlook calendar. Click on an activity entry in Run.GPS Trainer UV and it will bring up all the stats for that particular piece of exercise. From here you can upload the results to the web portal, or export the data in a range of formats, including CSV, KML or GPX.

The main problem you'll notice with Run.GPS Trainer UV is that it puts quite a strain on your battery because having GPS constantly switched on is pretty power-sapping. That said, if your Smartphone is on full charge when you start, you should have enough battery life to get you through even the most rigorous training sessions.

If you're a keen sportsman and want to keep tabs on your performance, Run.GPS Trainer UV makes for a powerful training companion.

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