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Snake III 3D 3.7.2

3D remake of the classic Nokia arcade game

Software Information of Snake III 3D 3.7.2

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Size: 261KB

Developer: Nokia

Category: Mobile Games

License: Free

Downloads: 2535

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Publisher's Description of Snake III 3D 3.7.2

Snake III is a 3D version of Nokia's popular Snake game from the 1990s. It features several game modes and improved graphics to make it a worthy update to the series.

The object of Snake III is the same as the original: make the snake as long as you can by feeding it fruit - but don't double-back on your own tail or it's game over!

The graphics in Snake III are a long way off the blocky, black and gray visuals of the original. The snake in this version is multi-colored and 3D, the fruit looks like real fruit and not just a block of pixels, and the lush green background looks great, too. The only bad thing is that the viewing area is very small, making it difficult to know where to guide your snake at times.

Snake III plays the same way as the original. You control the snake using the directional buttons, or the 2, 4, 6 and 8 keys.

There are three different game modes in Snake III. In classic mode you have to avoid all the obstacles and eat to make the snake as long as possible. In adventure mode, you can hit walls, but must make a certain snake length limit to pass to the next stage. Snake III's custom mode lets you set up the game how you like.

Snake III even has a multiplayer option, where you can take on your friends in head-to-head snake battles over Bluetooth.

All in all, Snake III is a very good remake of one of the all-time classic mobile phone games.

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