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Solitaire Game (S60 5th) 1.1

Classic single-player card game fun on your phone

Software Information of Solitaire Game (S60 5th) 1.1

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symbian s60 v5


Size: 444KB

Developer: Forum Nokia

Category: Mobile Games

License: Free

Downloads: 1793

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Publisher's Description of Solitaire Game (S60 5th) 1.1

Solitaire Game is a faithful recreation of the single-player card game made popular by the Windows operating system.

Solitaire Game is true to the orginal format - sort all your cards in sequence and alternating colors until all the cards have been turned over. Anyone who has played the game before will know that this is easier said than done. You'll have to use your powers of judgement to decide where to place cards, plus you'll need a bit of luck, too.

Playing Solitaire Game is done through the touchscreen, and you just need to hold and drag cards to move them into place. If you try to make an illegal move, the card will go shooting back to where it game from. The animation in Solitaire Game is very smooth and all of the graphical elements are very clean.

Unfortunately, the Nokia Solitaire Game is lacking a lot in options and settings. In fact, it doesn't really have any. So don't expect to be able to change rule sets, get hints, change the design of the deck, etc.

Nevertheless if you're looking for a simple way to enjoy a classic card game on your phone, Solitaire Game is worth installing.

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symbian s60 v5


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