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Sonic Advance Demo 1.4.5

Testing the blue hedgehog on Symbian

Software Information of Sonic Advance Demo 1.4.5

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symbian s40


Size: 1MB

Developer: Gameloft

Category: Mobile Games

License: Demo

Downloads: 2732

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Publisher's Description of Sonic Advance Demo 1.4.5

The demo of Sonic Advance is a remake of the Game Boy Advance version.

Sonic the Hedgehog is one of the most famous mascots for video games, and he makes his return in Sonic Advance Demo.

Gameplay and graphics in Sonic Advance Demo are identical to the old 16-bit game. Running through levels, collecting coins, and defeating the transformed animals by the evil Dr Eggman, Sonic saves his world over eight levels in four different worlds.

Sonic Advance Demo adds more controls to perform advanced moves like somersaults and slides, but still includes the recognizable run, jump, and roll maneuvers.

The game should be familiar to anyone who has played an older Sonic the Hedgehog game before and Sonic Advance Demo is a great mobile version of the classic gameplay.

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symbian s40


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