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Special Effect 1.0

Add effects to your pictures

Software Information of Special Effect 1.0

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Size: 223KB

Developer: Twist Mobile

Category: Photography

License: Free (ads)

Downloads: 1962

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Publisher's Description of Special Effect 1.0

Special Effect is a photo editing app that allows you to edit your pictures and add different effects.

There are a lot of photo editing applications for different phone operating systems and it was only a matter of time before Java received its own app. Special Effect operates just like other editing apps by adding different image filters over your picture.

Unlike other photo editing apps, Special Effect adds an entire overlay on the image, changing it to a higher degree than adding a tint or filter over the image would do on their own.

Special Effect allows you to edit the picture and save it on your device.

Special Effect is a good app for quickly editing photos.

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