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Speed Moto 1.00

Burn rubber in this mobile motocycle racing game

Software Information of Speed Moto 1.00

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Size: 267KB

Developer: Hovr

Category: Mobile Games

License: Free (ads)

Downloads: 1665

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Publisher's Description of Speed Moto 1.00

Speed Moto is a free motorcycle racing game for Java phones. It puts you in command of a superbike and challenges you to burn your way around the world's top Moto GP circuits.

There are four different game modes in Speed Moto. There's Career mode, in which you tour the world, earning points based on your performances which you can then used to level up and improve your bike. Speed Moto's Time trials mode sets you the challenge of constantly trying to beat your own lap time.

Speed Moto also has a Quick Race mode, where you can jump straight into a race; and a Stunt mode where you compete to play the best tricks. Unfortunately we couldn't get the Stunt mode to work, and it kept throwing us out as soon as the race started.

With different riders and a selection of real life tracks to race on, there's plenty of variety in Speed Moto, and you can save your best times so that you can come back and try to beat them again. Game controls are simple (done using the direction buttons), and it's fun to play.

The graphics in Speed Moto aren't going to win awards, but they aren't terrible - at least you can see what everything is supposed to be!

One of the most annoying things about Speed Moto is the poor AI, which seems not to calculate the progress of other riders realistically. Leave your bike stationary for five minutes and come back to it and you'll find that the other riders are still just ahead of you. Likewise, you can be flying ahead at the front of the field, and all of a sudden someone will speed past you from nowhere.

Despite its flaws, Speed Moto is still an enjoyable way to kill some time on your phone, especially if you're a motorcycle fan.

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