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Super Mario Planet

Play Mario Bros. on your mobile phone

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Size: 290KB

Category: Mobile Games

License: Free

Downloads: 1828

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Publisher's Description of Super Mario Planet

Are you a Mario fan? Then recreate his adventures on your phone with Super Mario Planet.

After his countless outings on Nintendo consoles down the years, the world's most famous plumber now comes to your mobile phone. Super Mario Planet is not strictly a copy of a previous version but rather an official reworking of the game for Java-enabled phones.

Your quest, as ever, is to guide the moustached hero through a series of colorful levels, avoiding the various beasties and critters along the way. As you progress you can pick up power-ups to make you bigger, invincible, more powerful, etc. You can even hop aboard Mario's pet Yoshi if you find a green egg.

Simple controls

If you've never played before, don't worry because Super Mario Planet comes with a helpful animated tutorial to start you going. From there you begin your quest through several weird and wonderful levels, choosing from two difficulty settings. Super Mario Planet's controls are easy enough to pick up and basically rely on the directional pad or number keys on your mobile phone.

Super Mario Planet is cutesy and colorful, and the standard of the graphics is similar to the SNES version of the game. The menu ditties are pleasant enough, although for some reason there was no in-game sound when I tested the game.

It's perhaps not as polished in terms of its presentation as the official releases, but Super Mario Planet is still a great mobile platform game.

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