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TCPMP Plugin for Flash Video 0.4.4

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Software Information of TCPMP Plugin for Flash Video 0.4.4

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Size: 235KB

Category: Tools & Utilities

License: Free

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Publisher's Description of TCPMP Plugin for Flash Video 0.4.4

If you love watching movie clips, music videos or just funny footage of people falling over then the chances are you're addicted to YouTube. And now you can make sure that addiction doesn't get in the way of your normal life by accessing all the content you need from your mobile. TCPMP Plugin for Flash Video ensures your phone can play YouTube clips by preparing it with a codec for Flash videos.

To install the software you need to merge the TCPMP Plugin in the mediaplayer by copying two PLG files onto the Smartphone. The open source package also contains two EXE files, allowing complete Flash videos to be downloaded either on your mobile or your PC. The software now means your mobile will support one of the most popular streaming formats on the internet. Simply upload the content and get watching. On my trial the streaming of the clips was a little interrupted but on the whole it was as quick as watching YouTube content on my PC, which means I'm going to be watching even more now.

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