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TeaShark 0.9

Mobile web browser with a desktop feel

Software Information of TeaShark 0.9

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Size: 122KB

Category: Browser & Internet

License: Free

Downloads: 1424

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Publisher's Description of TeaShark 0.9

TeaShark is a free web browser for your mobile phone.

Many mobile web browsers these days render pages so small that they are often difficult to view properly. TeaShark treats web pages the way they were intended to be displayed, and doesn't reduce the dimensions. Pages are compressed, and served using the famous Webkit engine, so surfing is pretty quick.

The browser lets you navigate around pages using the directional buttons on your phone. The cursor in TeaShark is intelligent enough to jump to the next link available to click as you scroll, so you don't have to go hunting around for it. The center button on your phone is used to click links.

Getting around with TeaShark

There's a two-level zoom tool that helps you switch between reading mode and scanning mode. Unfortunately, I still found TeaShark quite cumbersome to use, and the page navigation reminded me of the bad old days of mobile web browsers.

There are some useful features included within TeaShark, such as a convenient start page that gives you quick access to bookmarks, recently-visited pages, and a Google search bar. TeaShark also supports tabs, making it easy to flick between the different pages you have open simultaneously. It also has impressive RSS support, automatically detecting available feeds on any page you visit and allowing you to subscribe using the built-in reader.

The bookmark tool in TeaShark is well implemented, and allows you to tag pages with different colors. This helps to provide a more effective way of browsing your bookmarks.

TeaShark is a fast web browser with some useful features. However, the process of navigating the large pages gets a bit tedious.

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