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Theme Creator Pro 3.1.260

Create your own themes and skins for Sony Ericssons

Software Information of Theme Creator Pro 3.1.260

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Size: 1MB

Developer: Solar Eclipse Software

Category: Customize Your Mobile

License: Free

Downloads: 4885

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Publisher's Description of Theme Creator Pro 3.1.260

Theme Creator Pro is a free application that lets you create themes for your Sony Ericsson phone.

You might envisage theme creation as a very complex process that only phone developers can do. You’d be wrong though, because Theme Creator Pro makes it very easy to design your own themes. The program comes with four example themes that you can edit, or you can design your own from scratch, by choosing 'New' from the 'File' menu, then choosing the model of phone you’re designing for (see below for the list of supported devices).

The editor in Theme Creator Pro looks a little old fashioned in terms of its interface, but it's surprisingly straightforward. The list of phone screens you can edit is displayed on the left-hand side. Screens include Standby, Desktop, Notes, Calendar and Menu. Select one of these screens from the menu and a preview window will display how it currently looks. A list of the elements on that screen that can be edited will be shown. Theme Creator Pro mainly centers around changing the color of the text, cursors, menu bars, etc.

Adding images to themes

However, there is an option for adding images to the theme with Theme Creator Pro, which is where you can really start making your phone look unique. You can apply new images to the status bar, background wallpaper, softkeys, desktop, and more. Only GIF and JPG images are supported by Theme Creator Pro , and even with these there are lots of restrictions on the image, so make sure you abide by the instructions, or your whole theme will corrupt.

Theme Creator Pro also includes a Sound option, where you can set a new ringtone for your Ericsson phone. It's a shame that you're not able audio to other system sounds, though.

Once you’ve finished making your theme in Theme Creator Pro it can be saved either as a theme (.thm) file to be transferred directly to your phone. You can also choose to export the XML code used to create your theme.

Despite it’s rather ugly, old-fashioned user interface, Theme Creator Pro makes for a fast and easy way to make themes for your Ericsson phone.

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