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Tiki Towers 1.2.1

Help the cheeky chimps cross the jungle

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Size: 4MB

Category: Mobile Games

License: Demo

Downloads: 320

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Publisher's Description of Tiki Towers 1.2.1

If you're a fan of Lemmings then I seriously suggest you test out Tiki Towers. It's a mobile game that replicates the addictiveness of that particular classic, only this time with monkeys.

The object of Tiki Towers is to lead a group of monkeys across each level by constructing bridges for them to climb along. The trouble is, you only have a certain amount of bamboo so you'll need all your problem-solving skills to ensure that the bridges are long enough. If there are any gaps or weaknesses in the bridges then those silly simians have had it.

Tiki Towers is extremely well presented, with bright, colorful graphics, an upbeat soundtrack, and some wacky sound effects. The physics of the bridges is impressively realistic, and the structures will bend and shake depending on how they are built and the load they are bearing. The lovable chimps have plenty of character and they will make you laugh out loud with their hilarious animated antics.

Tiki Towers is easy to pick up and play, and there are interactive tutorial levels that help you get to grips with the basics of the game. Unfortunately, it's over all too quickly in this demo version, where only a few levels in the first world are playable.

If you're looking for an addictive logic game with a sense of humor to play on the bus, then Tiki Towers is a good choice.

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