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Tron Racing 1.1.1

Futuristic racing shoot-em-up game

Software Information of Tron Racing 1.1.1

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Size: 340KB

Developer: India Games

Category: Mobile Games

License: Free (ads)

Downloads: 740

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Publisher's Description of Tron Racing 1.1.1

Tron Racing is a futuristic racing shooter that transports you into the neon world of the movie Tron Legacy.

The idea of Tron Racing is based around the light cycle motorbikes from the movie. The game thrusts you into the Grid to battle Recognizers.

Unusually, Tron Racing scrolls from right to left, rather than the traditional left-to-right approach in side-scrolling shooters. You must throw your identity disc in order to kill enemies, while avoiding anything they fire at you. Along the way, you must collect items to progress through the four levels, and pick up power-ups to improve your weaponry and defenses.

The graphics in Tron Racing are pretty good and manage to recreate the style of the Tron Legacy movie. You use the directional buttons or 6 and 4 keys to move up and down to dodge, while pressing the center button or 5 key to fire.

Tron Racing is quite fun to play, but unfortunately it's over too quickly, since there are only four levels in the game.

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