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TV Remote 101 1.2

Software Information of TV Remote 101 1.2

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Size: 17KB

Developer: Tapspring

Category: Communication Apps

License: Free

Downloads: 1973

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Publisher's Description of TV Remote 101 1.2

This is the TV remote application program dedicated for HATcker101 - a special and unique HAT on module for PalmV/Vx series.

The first release of TV Remote 101 provides 138 sets TV code for many different TV brands. It works like a general universal TV remote on the shelf, no learning process needed, simply pick up the TV code from the TV sets GROUP LIST and try it directly to your TV set, or use the PWR button search mode to find the appropriate TV code.

The user interface is designed to be as simple as possible, only most frequently used buttons, [PWR] [C+] [C-] [V+] [V-] [0-9], are placed on the screen for convenient operation.

NOTE: This is not a standalone program, it needs HATcker101 hardware module for PalmV/Vx, effective remote control range 3-4 meters.

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