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V2R Active UI (SP) 1.0

Cool scroll bar with the icons you need

Software Information of V2R Active UI (SP) 1.0

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Windows Mobile


Size: 692KB

Developer: V2r

Category: Tools & Utilities

License: Free

Downloads: 671

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Publisher's Description of V2R Active UI (SP) 1.0

If like me you get tired scrolling through three quarters of the icons on your mobile's menu just to get to the ones you actually use then V2R Active might be for you. It arranges all your most wanted applications into a quick scroll menu bar across the width of your phone with nice, clear graphics.

Once downloaded you can navigate through the new menu using the D-Pad, joystick, stylus or even your finger. Clicking or tapping a selected icon opens the submenu or assigned application. The icons come in three eye-catching and colourful themes and make a great addition for your handheld

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Windows Mobile


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