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Viber 2.2.14

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Software Information of Viber 2.2.14

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Developer: Viber Media

Category: Communication Apps

License: Free

Downloads: 15164

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Publisher's Description of Viber 2.2.14

Viber on BlackBerry is a messaging service with upcoming updates to allow for calls made over 3G and Wi-Fi.

The function of Viber allows you to use your real phone number to communicate with other Viber users. Viber scans your phone book and adds contacts that use the service to your lists allowing you to chat with them outside of your normal network.

While other versions of the app allow for phone calls, Viber on BlackBerry only supports messaging and picture sharing. As a communication tool, Viber is best when used as a phone calling app with the texting part of the app being useful, but not as useful as other more dedicated apps.

When Viber updates with call support, it will be much more beneficial to users.

Viber is a good communication app that lets you use your actual phone number

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