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Virtual Pool Mobile 1.48

Play this popular pool game on your Palm!

Software Information of Virtual Pool Mobile 1.48

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Size: 2MB

Developer: Celeris

Category: Mobile Games

License: Demo

Downloads: 1323

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Publisher's Description of Virtual Pool Mobile 1.48

I regard myself as a bit of a 'pothead' - that's to say, I love playing pool and snooker. These days you don't even need to venture down to your local pool hall to enjoy the sport.

Virtual Pool Mobile is one of the longest-standing pool sims for mobile devices, and it's now available on a wide range of platforms. It offers a pretty accurate simulation of the real thing, with smart graphics, realistic ball physics and lifelike sound effects.

There are plenty of game modes and options to keep you occupied in Virtual Pool Mobile, with a choice of 6-ball or 9-ball games. In the career mode you need to hustle your way up from the ranks of a rookie to become a champ. In order to do this you need to win money by winning games, then use this money to enter matches with players of escalating abilities across a range of diverse settings.

The controls in this Palm version of Virtual Pool Mobile can take a while to get used to. It's all based around the use of the stylus and it'll take you a bit of time to get used to the sensitivity of the device. Once you do figure it out it starts to feel like quite a natural way of playing.

Virtual Pool Mobile is great fun to play, although I found it got a bit too repetitive after a while. This is probably due to the fact there's no multiplayer mode and taking on the same computer opponents all the time gets a bit boring. I also found the annoying music a bit of a turn-off.

That said, Virtual Pool Mobile definitely offers one of the most realistic handheld pool experiences you'll find.

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