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Wicked Racing 1.02

Fun time trial racing game for Java phones

Software Information of Wicked Racing 1.02

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Size: 127KB

Developer: Wicked Witch Software

Category: Mobile Games

License: Free (ads)

Downloads: 2013

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Publisher's Description of Wicked Racing 1.02

If you're looking for some high octane thrills on your phone then give Wicked Racing a try.

The game sees you take control of one of four high performance cars and you must get around each track in the allocated time. Controlling your vehicle in Wicked Racing is done using the directional buttons or the numeric keys on your keypad.

The graphics in Wicked Racing are fairly good and the top-down angled perspective gives you a good view of the track. The animation is a little jerky, however, which further complicates what is already a tricky driving experience. The bends are often very sharp and there are lots of obstacles scattered over the courses. The time limits set seem very strict and so it will take you a long time to progress through the levels.

Despite its difficulty (or perhaps even because of it), Wicked Racing is very addictive and you'll constantly find yourself going back for more. However, it would be nice if there were a way to restart the race mid-game so you don't have to finish when you already know you won't make it in time.

Although Wicked Racing is free, you should note that it is supported by ads. The game uses your internet connection to download and serve ads to you, so be careful if you're on a pay-as-you-go data contract.

Wicked Racing is an enjoyable racing game, but it can be frustratingly difficult at times.

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