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Zelda Mobile 3.03

Play Zelda on your mobile

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Size: 435KB

Developer: Gortworth

Category: Mobile Games

License: Free

Downloads: 944

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Publisher's Description of Zelda Mobile 3.03

Zelda Mobile is a phone-based version of the classic Nintendo adventure game of the same name.

If you ever owned a Super Nintendo then you've no doubt played Zelda. In fact, you probably haven't just played it, but rather eaten, slept and breathed it for months on end.

For me, Zelda was the title that really kick-started the whole role-playing game phenomenon. At first glance it was a cutesy, quirky bit of fun, but soon became an immersive, epic adventure that was difficult to escape.

Zelda Mobile recreates the magic of the original very accurately. The graphics, sound effects and little ditties are pretty much identical to the SNES version, and the storyline is the same too. This means you get a huge, sprawling labyrinth of levels complete with all manner of puzzles, which you'll find it difficult to tear yourself away from it.

It translates quite well to the small screen, and everything in Zelda Mobile is easy-to-see and well animated. There are a few options, such as volume control, key configuration, and graphic effect tweaking. On the downside, the game doesn't include instructions, and I encountered a few small bugs and blips along the way.

If you're a fan of the original, Zelda Mobile will help you rekindle your love of the adventure series.

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