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TradTunes 1.1

Over 4,000 Irish Tradition Music Tunes in ABC format on your iPhone!

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Publisher's Description of TradTunes 1.1

Sick of carrying around lots of songbooks? Can't remember how the second last bar goes in 'The Rambling Pitchfork?' I feel your pain.

TradTunes contains over 4,000 Irish (and some non-Irish) Traditional Music tunes in standard ABC notation.

You can choose tunes by category (see below for full list) or search all tunes or any category of tunes quickly and easily and get to the song you need.

TradTunes is a complete application and doesn't require internet access so is very handy to have to hand when you're playing in your local session.

Just like my other applications, these are ones that I needed myself and thought that other people may need too. Moreover this is an application I actually use on a day to day basis.

(Remember, all of the tunes are in ABC format and not musical score notation)

Tune Categories:
- All Tunes
- Barndance
- Hornpipe
- Jig
- Mazurka
- Polka
- Reel
- Slide
- Slip Jig
- Strathspey
- Three-two
- Waltz

What's New:
-850 new tunes added to the built in database
Thank you everyone for your great feedback, be assured I'm working to include some of your suggestions. I value all of your feedback.

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