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Video Caller Id (Free) 1.11.04

Set video ringtone on your Android phone!

Software Information of Video Caller Id (Free) 1.11.04

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License: Free

Downloads: 4638

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Publisher's Description of Video Caller Id (Free) 1.11.04

Video ringtone. Show video on incoming call. As well as blocking unwanted calls.

- Full-screen video (if video is in a special format or if filmed on a camera phone )
- Personal Settings (on / off the sound and setting the initial position of the video).
- Use any video from card as a video ringtone
- growing collection of video ringtones, now has over 500 ringtones for different phone models / permits screens

You can suggest favorite video ringtone for all users, just post it in a public collection of videos.

Reduced price for full version of app! You pay only $ 2.99 one time and download 50 different ringtones every month!

Follow me on twitter :!/@VideoCallerId

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Recent changes:
version 1.11.04
- Small bug fix

Content rating: Everyone

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