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WiFi Tunes Sync 1.2.7

This is an application for synchronization with iTunes and Android devices.

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License: Free

Downloads: 934

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Publisher's Description of WiFi Tunes Sync 1.2.7

* Application Information
Synchronizing wirelessly the iTunes musics in your Android device and your PC.

Easy setting up!
A picture-based document will help you setting up an application into your PC.

Once you finished first configuration, you don't have to connect your Android and your PC via USB any more.
After that, all you need to do is to press the "Start Sync" button, then your iTunes' Playlist will be copied into your Android.

Note:"WiFi Tunes Sync"(free) has restrictions of the following.:
- Can only sync 1 playlist
- Restricted 30 items per playlist
- Cannot change path of music folder in the SD card
(All of those restriction will be removed after you purchase PRO version)

Note:If Android Market would say "your device is not compatible", please contact me and let me know your device name and country.
I believe that I haven't restricted any of Android devices.

* Functions
-Copying selected playlist of iTunes to your Android.
-Creating playlist file(m3u) that is supported by iTunes.
-Transferring "Album Artwork from iTunes"

* The below environments have been confirmed.
-Android devices
-Xperia(Android 2.1)
-Xperia arc(Android 2.3)

-Windows XP Professional SP2 32bit
-Windows XP Professional SP3 32bit
-Windows Vista Business 32bit
-Windows Vista Ultimate SP2 64bit
-Windows 7 Proffesional 32bit
-Windows 7 Proffesional 64bit


It is worth to try to use this application even if your system hasn't been confirmed.
It would work well if your Windows is newer than XP SP2.

* Update History
- Ver.1.2.7 (July.23.2011)
-Added function "Transfer Mode" which is only download files to your SD card without removing files.(Pro version)

- Ver.1.2.6 (July.18.2011)
-Added function to sync only checked files by iTunes.

- Ver.1.2.5 (Jun.28.2011)
-Added function to put tune of compilation album in artist folders.(Respond to requests from PowerAMP users.)
-Added function to send mail the URL of PC app to download and install for your PC.
-The setting screen has been improved.

- Ver.1.2.4 (Jun.25.2011)
-Fixed bug:when the terminal default notificatiion ringtone was set to silent, an error occasionally occured.

- Ver.1.2.3 (Jun.18.2011)
-Fixed problem that app is terminated by Android-OS in some cases.
-Changed to indicate the solution when a connection error.
-Fixed a bug of Notification.

- Ver.1.2.2 (Jun.11.2011)
-Added function that retry failed downloads.
-Fixed a problem of "notification sounds".

- Ver.1.2.1 (Jun.08.2011)
-The design has changed slightly.

- Ver.1.2 (Jun.07.2011)
-Add ability to transfer "Album artwork" get by iTunes.
-Changed to be able to ring the sound at an error occurs.
-Add ability to select a sound when an error occurs or when the synchronization is complete.
-Fixed a sync error problem that caused by not getting podcasts.
-Changed to skip the error file during file comparison.
-Add the ability to see a list of skipped files.
-The design has changed slightly.

- Ver.1.1.13 (May.14.2011)
-Display the names of PCs at scan result.(You need update the PC app.)
-Changed for speed up.

- Ver.1.1.12 (May.06.2011)
-The default setting of "Override WiFi Setting" changed to ON.
-Changed some error checking.
-"Error Report" was changed.

- Ver.1.1.11 (Apr.27.2011)
-Fixed a problem that was found by sent "Error Report".
-Add Function "Override WiFi Setting" for change the setting of your phone to keep WiFi Connection in "Sleep Mode".

- Ver.1.1.10 (Apr.17.2011)
-Fixed a sync error problem had occurred outside the Japanese environment.

- Ver.1.1.9 (Apr.17.2011)
-Fixed some bugs that was found by sent "Error Report".

- Ver.1.1.8 (Apr.10.2011)
- Ver.1.1.7 (Mar.27.2011)
- Ver.1.1.6 (Mar.21.2011)
- Ver.1.1.5 (Mar.09.2011)
- Ver.1.1.4 (Mar.05.2011)
- Ver.1.1.3 (Mar.01.2011)
- Ver.1.1.2 (Feb.27.2011)
- Ver.1.1.1 (Feb.22.2011)
- Ver.1.0 (Feb.19.2011)
-First release.

* iTunes is a trademark of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries.

Recent changes:
* Ver.1.2.7 (July.23.2011)
-Added function "Transfer Mode" which is only download files to your SD card without removing files.(Pro version)

Content rating: Everyone

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