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WiFiTunes 0.5.1

Stream or download songs from iTunes to your Pocket PC

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Publisher's Description of WiFiTunes 0.5.1

This project started primarily as a proof of concept and is still very much still work in progress so please email feedback if you would like a feature added. This application will discover via Bonjour any iTunes running on Macs or PCs on your local network and allow you to browse the library or playlist and then stream MP3s directly to your PDA. Example uses include connecting your PDA headphone jack into a stereo in another room in your house (I have mine streaming music to the bathroom).

Major things that need done are AAC support (at the moment it uses the fmodce library so see here for the file formats supported). I'll contact the fmod folks and see if they are planning on adding AAC support. I've set it so it doesnt bother displaying any m4p or m4a files. Although AAC is superior to MP3 in terms of VBR to filesize, in terms of quality its not very well known that LAME MP3 is in fact better. I heard that if you are using iTunes to do your cd wripping then iTunes AAC does produce better quality than iTunes MP3. But if you want the best then a LAME MP3 encoder plugin for itunes is available for OS X.

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