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WRC is a remote control software for Nullsoft's Winamp player.

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License: Shareware

Downloads: 1440

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Publisher's Description of WRC -

It can communicate over Internet, Bluetooth or any connection made using Microsoft ActiveSync. You have the opportunity of controlling your media sitting comfortably in your chair.

The main features are:
- See which song is currently playing
- See the time remaining
- See track details (bit rate, sample rate, mono/stereo)
- Set the volume
- Set the panning
- Show/Hide Equalizer window or Playlist window. If you hide the EQ window the Playlist window will be resized to fill the window
- and more titles will be displayed
- Set previous track
- Play current track
- Pause current track
- Stop current track
- Set next track
- Set shuffle ON/OFF
- Set repeat ON/OFF
- Turn ON/OFF the equalizer
- Turn equalizer auto-load
- Set the equalizer's bands
- Change the currently selected track in the playlist or playing it (by double-clicking on the playlist)

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