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YOYAP! 3.0.0

Personalised Animated Video Messaging!

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symbian s60 v3


License: Shareware

Downloads: 1858

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Publisher's Description of YOYAP! 3.0.0

YOYAP! is a fun, easy-to-use, multi-media mobile application for S60 3rd Edition devices that allows the user to create an animated video clip using voice or any other audio input.

Users have the choice of multiple YOYAP! Characters (these are cartoon skins/faces.) Each character is pre-packaged with 3 moods ... happy, angry and sad! See the images below for further detail.

YOYAP! has 2 core functions:
1. Live call animation;
2. Recorded animated video messaging

Live Call Animation
The Live Animation feature of YOYAP! results in the 'live' animation of both incoming and outgoing voice streams to and from the mobile device, respectively. This implies that both incoming and outgoing caller voices are tagged as 'sound input' and the users chosen YOYAP! Character will animate this streaming audio input accordingly to appear as if the YOYAP! animated character is speaking! Boring voice calls will never be the same again!

Animated Video Messaging
The Video Messaging function of YOYAP! is a compelling feature allowing the user to generate an animated video message using any targeted sound/voice input e.g. music, voice or other.
The result is a highly compelling, personalised, animated video message to entertain or send to a friend via MMS or Bluetooth. The output video file is in an industry standard .3gp format implying that the recipient of the video file does not require YOYAP! installed on-device in order to play the message content.

No need to send boring SMS's any longer! Create, act, direct and send your very own animated video messages from a mobile to another mobile device using YOYAP! Animated Video Messenger NOW!

Try it FREE for 1 day!

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symbian s60 v3


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